Whilst watching television the other night-and for some reason did not  press mute or fast forward (as you do) I saw a commercial exclaiming that real people were used in its message…funny I thought ..aren’t actors real people too?

Surely those real people must have followed some script?  Does it mean that actors are not being truthful? Does it mean that professional actors, who need to get paid for their work, are not real and that real people get much less money or none at all because they just want to get on television?

This must be making a mockery of those countless acting schools charging  monies to would-be professional actors who will find that their training is seemingly worthless.

But all is not lost: indeed  it seems most of television is based on reality programmes in which the real people can excel and are taken on a journey- warts and all (or fat and food?) and real people can watch and relate to their dramas.

However, trained actors wish to make a career out of their chosen profession and some of those, with tenacity and stamina, do succeed and remain in the public eye for many years.

So it does look as though there is now a great divide which is here to stay –   amateur and professional.

As long as producers of short films, television programmes and feature films and now U-Tube videos continue to use real people I just hope that the professionals hang in even harder …just as long as we continue to make such good series as “Offspring” , the delightful and fluffy “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”  for starters.