What’s It About?

“The Right Place At The Right Time” is my version of the lead-up to working in the Entertainment Industry  as a Casting Consultant , in particular for the Screen, in Australia.  I hope to give advice, goodwill and perhaps comfort to those who dream hard, work hard enough to their realisation of being in “The Right Place At The Right Time” for wherever their lives lead them.

Do You Have a Story?

Something to say about being cast by me, working with me, over the years?

Any  anecdotes, queries, criticisms, success, funny  Stories, photos ?



the depth of my gratitude…

Sue, though I am one of many, I would be happy to jot down my experiences working with you. Some of what I remember I will include now and please feel free to add or email me back for more info.

I remember first meeting Sue when I auditioned for a role in Home and Away. Sue was casting in Brisbane, and though I am casting my mind back 20 years! I do remember sitting on a deck in the hot sun, and then walking into a room and being met with what I have come to know as Sue’s reassuring, calming smile. She is without a doubt the best casting agent I have ever worked with. She cast me in my first professional role, Echo Point, and had the ability to really understand a scene. And actors. She knew what I should wear, what colours would suit my skin tone on camera, makeup etc (which to an immature 15 year old girl is a whole new world), she made me feel at home and created an atmosphere that allowed me to create. And more importantly, she knows how to direct. I am always able to try things with Sue. It has never been ‘one ok-ish take and then next victim’. Every audition with Sue has been an inspiring experience, because she is able to push and can see in you, the actor, what your capable of, often before you even know it.
From non speaking ad’s to corporate videos to soaps to series drama to film, she has done it all. To me she is the true maverick, because she see’s every job as equally important, and that every actor has something to bring to the table. She genuinely wants you to be cast. I know, from speaking to other people who have had the opportunity to attend a casting with Sue, that she is their favourite. Because she gets the best out of you every time. I consider her not only a professional colleague but a friend. And some one I will always feel an enormous amount of gratitude to because she changed my life.

Rebecca Murphy