Sue & Bibby
Sue & Bibby

My grandmother, Bibby, took me to the Theatre Royal, Brighton, Sussex, when I was five – and it must have been an Agatha Christie play as I stood up in my seat to enquire: “What is a body Bibby?” (can you imagine how the actors felt?)

In hindsight, it was the beginning of my career – wanting to know what and how people perform – and, in particular, what happens backstage.

When I was between twelve and sixteen I went to see the Xmas Pantos and some plays – including Laurence Olivier in “The Entertainer”. When I was around eighteen I was touring as a Stage Manager on a pre-West End play “The Warm Peninsula” to the Theatre Royal.

Kevin PalmerKevin Palmer

How did I get this gig? I just happened to be the only one in stage management available at the TIME.

It was a co-production between Jack Minster Productions in London and the Connaught Theatre Worthing where I was working as a STUDENT Assistant Stage Manager, thanks to Australian Company Manager Kevin Palmer, but that’s another Story……