I was in Sydney early January to catch up with Geoffrey Stone, former Presenter of the original “The Inventors” among other amazing credentials. Geoff  was Head of News at Channel Seven when he sponsored my brother for work in Australia many years ago.  There’s nothing like a ride on the Manly Ferry on a lovely sunny day and I met Geoff for a coffee and chat on Manly Wharf..  He is currently teaching  Presenter Courses, but what can you say when someone tells you they worked with Winston Churchill  as a media advisor during  WW 2? !  I hope Geoff has started writing HIS book.

I also met up with Richard Kent, whom I first met when he was an Agent in the mid-eighties. Richard is putting the finishing touches to his autobiography and what I’ve read so far is a wonderful read…I can’t say any more just yet but watch this space for the publication date.

Alan Coleman’s book “One Door Shuts” can still be bought (see my Link) He is still teaching younger people “TAKE FIVE” about fast turnaround television. But buy the book for all those tips. I twas great to see Alan again.

Please also go to Book Links to check out how to buy Kevin Palmer’s Book: this was launched very successfully at the Writers’ Festival in Byron Bay August 2010 .I was present and so enjoyed meeting up with him after about a twenty year gap! Needless to say I’m chuffed about being mentioned a couple of times …the second time leading into Kevin becoming one of the top Theatrical Agents in Australia..but that’s in Kevin’s second book and my own Stories will be published by that time…Kevin was nominated that year for a Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature and the Awards.

I am currently working as a Freelance Casting and Career Consultant only when this does not clash with my writing – however I do need to pay some bills …