The Girl In the Picture

Last November I attended a Book Launch of a friend of mine, Judi Young , had organised at the Coffee Club, Paddington (Qld) for the public recognition of having written her book, and despite the fact that Judi had a couple of Publishers willing to take on all that effort of getting the book out there,  Judi decided to self-publish.

I never thought that self- publishing was such a big a mine-field as  much as making anything for the screen or setting up a theatre company ( It must be easier to work for the Government ?)  Passion, commitment and natural talent are the ingredients required to give one a  life start – in anything.

At a very young age Judi was determined to be a ballet dancer – with dire consequences to her health and her family relationships.  Judi has found she has natural skills in public speaking and radio interviewing – she tried acting – and has the courage to say she is not really an actor!

Courage, self -honesty and a sense of fun , combined with hard work , helped Judi to rid herself of her tumour the size of …well …see the photo at the end of her book.  As a  tv junkie Judi quotes Oprah and Dr Phil  as being effective in her successful recovery …the inspiration they give….and hopes that in some way her book will help others to fight hard for their own health and happiness.

By late last December, the Acting Schools had graduated their latest bunch into the ever- overcrowding, underpaid, non-paid,  Entertainment Industry :  but once each person realises their potential might not be hitting Hollywood Heights and that they can teach by working  as mentors for disabled people, scriptwriters, documentary filmmakers, devising their own work etc etc, they will realise that their very special education has been worthwhile.

Those who have been accepted into the various Acting Schools for 2011 will be faced with the task of  upholding their dreams despite rejection, self-doubt , and everybody else – for starters.  All the very best for the New Year and beyond.

In the meantime  -Casting-wise it would be good if Cameron Diaz or Reese Witherspoon were interested in the screen version of “The Girl In the Picture” but then any suggestions for a New Zealand or Australian actor to be considered?