Telly Tales

Watching  “Mcleod’s Daughters”   on Gem this week confirmed to me that Television has taken over our mindset and into the mythology of modern times – and I’m understanding this from my own experience  in Australia .  We do not seem to emulate those wonderful feature films from the USA in particular- so why should we?

Most of the Australian feature  films I’ve tried to see  this past year,  as a member of the AFI , and wished to vote for, were sidetracked rather quickly by the cinema chains. Perhaps that’s ok for those films eventually as they will go to DVD or be shown on television!

Australian television drama was fantastic  this last year (2011) and those series such as “Offspring” “East West 101” will remain in viewers’ minds and on their DVDs for a long time.

It being holiday time I was cruising with the remote late at night and happened upon “Sons and Daughters” – and although the production values and some of the acting styles are a bit different to nowadays it was  interesting to see Antonia Murphy in her first television role – she is now a Casting Director in Sydney, and Jenni Kubler in a small role  – Jenni has now been a Theatrical Agent  heading Kubler Auckland Managment with her husband Tony  for many years in Brisbane.  Television has spawned a considerable number of others who are now part of the “myth” or tradition. ( will follow those up in another blog but would love to hear viewers’ submissions)

In fact, “Neighbours” has been around so long that one of my adult sons remembers the humble beginnings by naming his two beautiful goldfish ” Charlene” and “Scott” – go figure.