Team McLeod

On Set

On Set

The Railway Hotel, Freeling, seemed just like any other pub set in a dusty little town north of Adelaide, just beyond Gawler.  On my arrival one afternoon, in March 2001 around drink o’clock,  I was greeted with a beer by Kerry the lady publican. I had gathered the courage to make arrangements to meet up with the regulars who might like to be Extras ( this was a whole new experience for me –  recruiting “real people”)

  Clipboard in hand, I sat and really enjoyed that beer whilst waiting for the excited hordes to arrive. A couple of hours later I was feeling a little unsuccessful as only about five guys fronted. 

One of them was Ian Maxted.  Just this last week I was contacted by his elder daughter Holly to share the news of his death …Ian had committed suicide. During the years between 2001 and early 2008 Ian was the ultimate professional and core Extra: always on time, always with the right clothes, took direction, kept quiet on set.   As a person – always a gentleman, always humble. As the years went by his daughters Holly and Stacey and wife Jan became part of the Mcleod’s team whenever family stories were required.

As a result of Ian’s initial participation the “team” grew into a strong ten or so guys who inhabited the town of  “Gungellan” and from which they too had families involved. Ian was a farrier – I still have his present on show in my home –  a double horseshoe especially crafted for me.

The Railway became the Gungellan …..and on Friday 3rd October 2014  those from Freeling and surrounds will be raising their glasses there …cheers Ian….