Sue’s Casting Scrapbook

I have just been re-reading my blogs of  a year ago! A long time ago in media terms but I find that my sentiments about performers attending Workshops still apply.

I teach the Basics of Auditioning for the Screen – how to apply for that very important job to tell a story – whether it is for a feature, a short, a commercial, a documentary; and on whatever screen medium.  Each year there are more and more performers with their dreams of working in the Entertainment Industry – the competition is fierce wherever you live.

Casting Directors can use technology to save or delete anyone from the audition lists they wish to; Selfies and Showreels rule – cutting down the initial need for expensive and extensive stressful auditions.  Instead, CD’s from successful productions  are invited to give Workshops that they are paid for – and the performer pays for their expertise – hoping they will be “discovered”.

We all know that this is no guarantee of work, but it is a way of performers finding how how the CD’s work, and who catches their eye.  But, because there is usually no performance level, style or discrimination as to age, gender and body size for these Workshops the CD will tend to ignore anyone who does not know what they are doing!
My speciality is to teach the techniques from scratch, give you the confidence by putting you on camera immediately and giving you some good advice   ..BEFORE  the CD gets a chance to ignore you.

So what’s this to do with my Casting  Scrapbook?   En route to see my editor about all those stories I have, I will be giving a day’s Workshop for the EATON GORGE THEATRE COMPANY in Woonona, down Nowra ( NSW ) way on Saturday 7th May.

CONTACT : Susan Kennedy on 4283 3000 /email or go to their Facebook and sign up!