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Richard Kent

I really cannot remember when I first met Richard Kent – you know how it is – there are times when one works with people and they are only a voice at the end of the phone….but that must have been about 1981 when this was the first communication with fellow workers…nothing like the texts /emails/social media that we are so familiar with nowadays….

As a “newly-released” Actors’ Agent (and “plunged” into Casting at the Grundy Organization) I just knew that to survive I would have to work closely with Agents.  There was only one “casting platform” -Showcast Publications- at the time and it was through them that I started making contacts.

I think it was about the time “The Young Doctors”  had ceased production and Richard Kent decided to be an Agent….around the same time Kevin Palmer, and then Robyn Gardiner with Ros Spiers, opened their offices.  Over those years between ’81 and ’95  Richard came into his own – running one of the most successful Agencies specialising in actors who specialised in work for the screen. 

Richard  utilised the best photographers , attended theatre and screen events, met with Producers and Directors local and overseas – in fact the ultimate  Screen Actors’ Manager.

On a personal note – in ’91 – on my quick exit from Grundy’s -I rented a room at Richard’s place in Kirribilli in which I spent three weeks sleeping from exhaustion – Richard understood.  I then assisted him in his Agency . At no time would I ever have seen or believed any reason for him to have absconded with any monies belonging to others – in fact to this day I believe  he is still owed a few thousand from some of  the eminent directors and actors he represented.

On Friday 5th September 2014 I was present with his family and friends at his Funeral Service in Matraville NSW- I believe he died of a broken heart- he cared too much. The last time I saw Richard was in late March early April 2014 – we went to the movies, we visited our mutual friend Louise Howitt for a wonderful roast dinner and sang and laughed.

Life goes on ..and I am looking forward to reading his book which he had just finished writing …I think it’s going to be quite an eye-opener!