Rejection In Bali

I have just received my first real rejection …yes…on my arrival in Bali. I asked Deborah Gabinetti, casting  person from the Bali Film Center,  if I could be an “Extra” on the Julia Roberts’ film “Eat, Pray, Love” being filmed somewhere nearby – either Padangbai or Ubud.  Deb expressed surprise..

”Why, you know what film sets are like!”

“Yes” I said lamely “ but I’m in another country” even more lamely.

Anyway , I chuffed off to see a day’s screenings of films at the Balinale in Kuta, mingle with the crowds in the foyer….Having not yet met Deborah I thought it would be good to say hi  (and any work for me?) but as she was also the Festival’s Director…well… hardly the time and place to chat about me.. However Deborah did take a photo, in the foyer, of myself with Davina Belling and her husband, so at least she had a photo of me to show the Director.

Davina Belling is a charming an elegant Producer  who has been in the Industry for nearly forty years in the UK and USA…and she berated me for not attending her two Workshops “How to Develop A Screenplay” and “Trials and Tribulations of Producing”,

Still being lame I made excuses about just arriving in Bali and Padangbai a long way from Kuta and….  Wherever Davina is next time and I’m there….I will attend, I will attend, I will attend!

Ten days later I plucked up the courage to contact Deborah,

“No, there are no more “extras’ scenes”

No more…that means there WERE  some… oh dear…well at least she’s got my photo, my business card with webpage and local mobile details….just in case!