Passing On

I guess this is the best way to describe a death: this time it is for two people who had an incredible influence in my life and career – DAVID CUMMINGS and DIANE CILENTO.

DAVID was brought over from England by Reg Grundy to set up a Comedy Department for the Grundy Organization in Sydney in the early 1980’s.  David was a caring Director to the many comedy actors whom  we were auditioning for a pilot series for Channel Ten for “Pretty Petrol” which did get to pilot stage.  However, Debbie Newsome, our “discovery” was to find her niche and fame and fortune on “Perfect Match” so the pilot did not go ahead.

David’s style of comedy has always been  ” British”. He also  wanted to continue his stand -up comedy routines and did so for many years  His insight might have been too revealing for a lot of us!   I have been using David’s comedy scripts for over twenty years – and just recently with my Workshops with the Graduates from QUT  and The Actors Workshop in Brisbane.

DIANE  – who taught me so much. I first met her when I was seconded to Windsor Repertory Theatre by the Wardrobe Mistress from the Royal Court Theatre…I was in need of work…I was Diane’s dresser.  Diane had three weeks’  previously given birth to  Jason Connery. I eventually worked for Sean Connery and Diane over a period of five years as Sean’s secretary.

Some years later, for a brief time, myself and Brad Keeling represented, as Agents,  Diane in Australia.. we also asssited her to screen her documentaries to help set up Karnak in FNQ.

I last saw Diane give an impressive insight into her incredible acting ability at QUT Brisbane only just a year ago when she presented  her work- in -progress version of  the  “Peggy Guggenheim” one woman show.

One always remembers one’s teachers…