Ella's Pink LadyAlthough I vowed I’d never buy another book as I live really near the local library and have friends with books, I bought Jessica Watson’s updated  “True Spirit” at Brisbane Airport en route to Adelaide to give some Audition Workshops. Why not buy the latest biography of a screen star?

Just something about Jessica –  how did she sail solo around the world, what relevance is this to performers,  technicians etc in the Entertainment Industry?   Heaps…. Jessica repeatedly gives credit to all the people who supported her for those years she spent PREPARING for her journey.  It was all about making her dream come true   by getting and giving inspiration and trust, despite negative attitudes from people and coping with such setbacks as a tanker colliding with her, high seas and becalmed waters.

Apart from the obvious chutzpa of the gal one word defines the realisation of Jessica’s dream  – PREPARATION. …go to the back of the book and see what I mean …and buy “True Spirit” …   I am now making sure my video camera, digital camera, tripod and scripts are all ready and in good repair for the next round of Audition Workshops (let alone a clean and ironed outfit ready !)

In the meantime, I will be watching the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race on Boxing Day to see Jessica continue to follow her next dream.  I took the photo of Ella’s Pink Lady at the Maritime Museum in Brisbane in August – amongst the highs and lows of the city.

A Happy Xmas and great New Year to all.