I have been teaching performers for many years How To Get the Job – it’s much easier to actually do the many times have you seen your best friend in YOUR role…the one you auditioned for? Or an actor in a commercial you went for who looks nothing like the brief, not even the script is the same?

It’s all to do with the Process…of Auditioning/ Screen Testing … quite often it has nothing to do with what acting qualifications you have achieved but they can have a positive subtle effect on your performance unless you decide to show off your techniques and “Act” . I plan to follow through this year with some more Workshops…these help me learn more, help me write more about the Casting process, and of course impart what knowledge I can to inspire and educate you in that process.

Some of the younger people will want to go to Workshops to have fun, find out what they can do in front of the camera and not necessarily want to develop a  screen career. Others – those  who have just left school to those who have been working in the Industry- will want to learn more.

For those Professionally minded, acting techniques can be learned from attending accredited Acting Schools  which reward you with Diplomas or Degrees on graduation.  I do not teach professionally minded  people how to act – I expect them to have worked on the basics before attending Audition Workshops.

There is the arguement that a lot of Producers want to hire someone with no acting experience because they don’t “act”  and they can pay you less. You can be one of those people but you might cost that Production more in the long run because you have not understood those basics…you will be cast off (pardon the pun)and then not work again …for ages…you’ve just had your fifteen seconds of fame…only.